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Business Solutions


Liquidation Services

SafeSavings specializes in buying and selling new, closeout, overstock, liquidation, shelf pull and discontinued inventory. We offer thousands of items in over twenty merchandising categories with new merchandise arriving daily.  Known for our large selection of As Seen on TV products, we also have a wide selection of Electronics, Appliances, Home Goods, Automotive and Toys.  

Commercial Property Salvage

When goods are abandoned at ports or warehouses, oftentimes a liquidation shortly follows. Sometimes these goods are insured thus the insurance carrier takes possession, and seeks to recover a portion of the claim paid. SafeSavings has built these relationship with insurance providers to partner in purchasing salvage goods. 

Direct Sourcing

We are direct with dozens of manufacturers from large to small, and receive offerings on a daily basis. From shelf stable grocery, to poultry, beef and dairy processors, we can offer products from 40% - 90% off of wholesale.

Brokerage & Trade

We utilize our exposure in the industry and extensive network of relationships to work with sellers and buyers to successfully transact goods on an international scale.


Interested in working with us? Please email all inquiries to our sales department at or contact Max Levin at